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Film / Documentary: How much does building you weigh, Mr. Foster?

This documentary chronicles the career development of the famous contemporary architect Norman Foster, who has always had rooted the idea of architecture that improves the quality of life of people. 
Norman Foster has been the author of impressive architectural works as the highest bridge ever built in Millau, France, the Beijing Airport is the world’s longest building, the Reichstag in Germany, etc.. 
With 3 major awards promises to be a film that has to be seen. 
It still has no release date in our country . Producer: Elena Ochoa Executive Producer: Antonio Sanz Director: Norberto Lopez Amado & Carlos Carcass Writer & Narrator: Deyan SudjicMusical Director: Joan Valent Director of Photography: Valentin Alvarez Publisher: Paco CozarLine Producer: Paloma Lopez Vazquez Associate Producers: Imanol Uribe & Andres SantanaMusic: Bratislava Symphony Orchestra

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